Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Yellow Rose and An Opinion

Oh, I remember the weird cropping was to get rid of something else stupid in the picture.

Anyway, I was sad that Mickey Rourke did not win best Actor Oscar tonight, not that I'm a big fan but man, that movie - The Wrestler - is just seared into my brain. I was trying to tell Hubby why I thought he did such a good job, and I realized it was because it didn't seem like he was acting, it was like watching someone live their life.

I am however a HUGE Sean Penn fan (so glad he went back with his wife) and so as long as Br*d P*tt didn't get it, I'm happy with it.


g-man said...

Photoshop or GIMP can help with that cropping problem you have ;)

Nice composition.

Ree said...

I'm still waiting to see The Wrestler. Maybe if I'm ever home again...

Una said...

I was surprised that MR didn't win for The Wrestler but I was happy with Sean Penn winning - Henry and I saw "Milk" and I thought that he did a good job.