Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hole in the Wall

The stucco is so old up you can see the CMU lines under it. Love the rebar in the window.


g-man said...

Very nice. What is that a wall of? What is CMU?

monstergirlee said...

Its an 8' wall around the maintenance area at the city park next to where my parents live (in Minneapolis.)
CMU - Concrete Masonry Units aka cinder block. I've been in construction too long, using the vernacular and all.
Glad you like it.

Ree said...

I'm glad g-man asked because I was going to. ;-)

Does the stucco crumble when you rub it?

It's a wonderful photo.

g-man said...

Cool beans, thanks for clearing that up. It is a nice photo.