Thursday, December 25, 2008

Peace On Earth Good Will Toward All...

I was having kind of a tough time getting ready for Christmas this year. I'm kind of defeated trying to work full-time, and be a decent Mom in the few hours daily that I have with my kids, and things just weren't getting done. I was stressed. I was fussy and pissy. Everything sucked.

However, finally I decided a half-assed Christmas would be good enough. And you know what? It is, it totally is. I've counted my blessings and I Am Very Blessed. We have a decorated Christmas tree, presents underneath, Grandma Freddy and Uncle Cheech are in town, and its been wonderful. I've been cooking simple easy dinners and its great. I was upset because I haven't decorated. Never had time to send cards. There's alot Not Done. But, its OK.

This is not my permanent plan but it worked for me this year.
Thank you for blessing us with your presence this year Grandma Freddy & Uncle Cheech, you really made our Christmas about the love.

Hope you all are safe and warm and happy with the ones you love, or feeling the love of far away loved ones in your heart.

And to everyone who's lost someone special this year - please remember their Love too.


Deedee said...

beautiful, as are you. PEACE

Every Day Goddess said...

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! We are always so worried about not doing enough, but I find that in the end what we do is always enough (just not as much as we would like) ;)

Una said...

One-eye looks pretty happy with your grandchildren. I'm glad that you enjoyed Christmas - it all sounded so wonderful.

Una said...

Ooooh, I meant "her" grandchildren and not "your" grandchildren. ;-)

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