Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Of My Most Favorite Places In All Of Minneapolis

We'd go skating in the winter, swimming in the summer, "hanging out" all summer when I was a teenager, fishing and canoeing, they have a bandshell for watching concerts on summer nights. And they make the BEST popcorn EVER. Nonthing compares to Lake Harriet popcorn. The best part is - when I was there a couple years ago in the summer, I got a box and it tastes EXACTLY like it did 20 years ago. This is a late fall shot.
Oh, and my parents live a 10 minute walk away so no wonder we spent so much time there.


nutmeg said...

It looks like one of my own favorite places in Pa. Beautiful!

Ree said...

I remember skating on lakes. Now, I'm petrified to try it. I just know I'll be on the news as "that stupid idiot that fell through the ice".

It's so pretty and peaceful though.

Sheila @ Dr said...

We have a spot like that back home too but I haven't been there in years and wonder if i'd ever make it back there. Such great memories.

BTW I'd love to have some of your photos in my Weekly Friday's Photo!!( you can post it throught he weekend as well!)