Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Present

What's an Christmas morning without Irish Coffee? Made with the finest Irish Whiskey - Tullemore Dew. mmm.... yeah, Irish Coffee and Pannetone make for an excellent way to start the day.
And we've never had a Noble Fir before - I'm not 100% sold on having another one, but they are interesting looking, very stylized, but tough to get lights on looking decent.
Hope you enjoy this Christmas present. I'm trying to think of a way to do Christmas Future but haven't come up with it yet.


Ree said...

LOVE Irish Coffee. And yea...that tree is a bit Charlie Brown-ish...but how did it last?

Hope your week was everything you hoped for.

Autumn said...

Irish Coffee is the best. yummmmm! I love the photo vignette of your Christmas. If you want a Noble Fir again next year just drive a few hundred miles south and I'll give you one! :) Probably cost more in gas money but it would be fun!

carrie said...

Mmmmmmm...Irish Coffee. That sounds divine, think it's too early in the day for a cup?


Sheila @ Dr said...

Love the whipping cream on the coffee pic.

Makes you go yum!

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