Monday, December 15, 2008

bonus post

its fucking hard enough trying to be a mom and work full-time because you HAVE TO, but then all these fucking daycare programs close whenever they fuck,ing feel like it - but I STILL HAVE TO WORK DAMMIT.


Autumn said...

I feel your pain... Bugs daycare gets a nice two weeks off over Christmas and New Years. Ummmm isn't that when we need them most because school is out???

Ree said...

HATED those days.

Mz. Nesbit said...

that sucks i'm sorry sweetie. i would help you if i could. ((hugs))

Auds at Barking mad said...

I remember those days. I hated it.

The times I really hated was when they never bothered to call the requisite radio/TV stations to let them know they were closing due to weather. We'd still show up to drop the Imp off and they'd be all shuttered, black as night and CLOSED!

I'm sounds like it was a sucky days. Here's to better and brighter days! Oh and open daycares!

Bridge said...