Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Out of Town Day 2 (Live from Minneapolis!)

Puppy and Pink Boo Boo, Herself's #1 and #2 bedtime buddies. Puppy was lost at day care for 48 hours - I hounded my DCP to find that puppy before we left town for a week. Can you imagine your little one being without her #1 favorite bedtime buddy for a week? UGH. Cold sweat... but we found it.

btw - I created these posts as drafts before I went on vacation but it looks like they're posting as sunday posts instead of monday, tuesday etc. that sucks.
edited to add: Thanks Autumn! Yay. Now they're right.


Ree said...

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

Una said...

Charlotte, Winnie and I love this photo! We are together here in LA for Thanksgiving. Hello to your mom and dad for us.

Autumn said...

To get the date to change, go into edit and then at the bottom click on post options. It let's you change the date before you hit the publish post button.
Happy Thanksgiving!