Friday, March 20, 2009

The Thinker

I had a burst of photo inspiration this evening. Maybe it was the sun streaming in my wondows at 6:30 in the evening (always a good thing), maybe it was the flowers I bought last week are going to be dead in a few days, not sure but I took 86 photos in less than half an hour. Some color, some black and white, things, flowers, girl, and ME which I never do, I've neve set out to do a self-portrait but I decided a week ago or so I wanted a photo taken specifically for an avatar that shows that I my camera is a big part of my life.

So - what do you think of my new profile photo? I used the same one on twitter.

Oh, and Herself took several photos too. Fun!


Jenners said...

First, I noticed the new profile photo right away -- I love it! Very suited to your blog!

And this photo was great -- my son does the same thing when "thinking" his deep thoughts.

Una said...

I love the new profile photo!

monstergirlee said...

Thanks you guys!