Friday, June 25, 2010

Picking Peas at AJ's House

They got to pick strawberries, and peas. Surprisingly they both loved shelling and eating the peas. Guess I'll have to plant some next year. Yum.


Rainier Blue said...

Hi! I saw your comment over at Uppercase Woman, commenting on living in the Pacific NW. I grew up in WA, but now live in OR. I think you will recognize that by my Blog Name- Rainier Blue :O)I enjoyed seeing your photos, it felt like a visit home. Here is one of mine you will recognize. I do a photo a day as well. Lots of photos, few words, and all for fun. It keeps my mom happy. LOL

Jenners said...

This is a great photo ... I love the "pea" mustache!!! Classic kids photo!