Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 Years Old Today!

And I should write an epic post - but suffice to say, my son is so wonderful, he makes me glad to be alive every single day. But I'm a little emotionally worn out, so I'll post a bunch of photos of my Wonderful Awesome Boy!
Happy Birthday!
The Other Face

Another of my Swamp Ogre
The Swamp Orge Smiling

This day he complained that the trees for climbing weren't challenging enough. Ah next time they will be
The Climber

When we were boarding for our flight to Minneapolis, the Pilot was right there and invited my son and another boy to sit up front for a little bit. He got a lesson in flying a plane. Waaayyyy cool.
The Pilot

Some days I only get to take a nice picture if I follow it up with a silly face picture.
The Mouthful

More silly faces. In our Magnolia tree out front.
The Silly Face

I really enjoyed looking at all the photos from summer. Ah, the warmth. The Light.
The Fence Climber


Autumn said...

Happy birthday!! I love the pictures, they really show a wonderful spirit.

Jenners said...

You're always so pithy that for you, this is an epic post! Happy birthday to your wonderful boy. He has such a classic boy face ... I love it -- especially the freckles!