Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh Help Me He's in First Grade!

I cannot believe how grown up he looks in these pictures. Must be because he's growing up. We completed his last request (of three) to finish out the summer. Last week I asked him what he wanted to do before school started. He said:
1. Go to The Park.
2. Go to the Zoo.
3. Have a picnic in the backyard. Which we did tonight, on a blanket (at his request) and he got to pick the menu. Then we went next door to the school basketball court for a Bicycle Walk.

All in all, a really nice way to end our Summer. Thank you my son - I love you!
These pics are from yesterday evening.


Autumn said...

What a cool mom to finish up a wish list before school starts. Does he start this week? Bug starts first grade next week and he'll be riding the bus home.... I'm not sure my heart will take it the first day.

monstergirlee said...

Hi Autumn, he starts this morning. Already went to have our traditional Starbucks pastry breakfast, now just waiting to walk the 3 blocks to school.
The bus? Yikes, that would make me a bit nervous too. Good luck Bug!

Jenners said...

What a lovely bunch of wishes!!! Hope he loves 1st grade!! He does look very grown up!