Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Ford Shield

More and more I find myself relying on spell check. Or remembering I before E except after C. I cannot believe my brain is getting this fried.


g-man said...

If it were not for spell checker I'd never write anything! Add to that I am not the best speller, I type to fast and make lots of mistakes.

Nice pictures, I like the tricycle, were you trying to track her with a slow shutter? The Ford logo thing is pretty cool too. Keep up going back and cropping and such. What program do you use for that?

monstergirlee said...

I was using a slow shutter and tracking her, I got about 3 pics then my CF card was full that was that.
I'm kind of just getting started playing with colors and contrast and such (I should send you the original of this one - its washed out color and huge). So far just using MS Photo Editor. But I do have some software that came with my camera - havent' used it to much. My home computer kind of sucks (slow and annoying - plus I hate the mouse) so I don't spend too much time with that.
Glad you like the shot.

g-man said...

Feel free to send me anything you like. Picasa has a good (and reasonably fast editor plus image organizer software. I use that for quick edits (and publishing for my blog) and Photoshop for bigger projects. I have looked at GIMP briefly and it seems to be a fairly powerful (and free) editing tool for more complex things.

I look forward to seeing your photos whenever you post them:)