Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Grainy Street

A street of warehouses in the Port (slightly corrected for light and dark) Shot at 1600 ISO and posted for Understand Your ISO at Dr Cason's.
She rocks. Its alot of fun playing with ISO - my favorite is to Aperture Priority - black and white. YAY!


kathleen dale said...

Nice shot. I love the way the road is going backwards and narrowing giving it depth.

Sheila @ Dr Cason.org said...

Oh Yeah, I like it. You need to change your tagline. There's nothing mediocre about your photos. :)

monstergirlee said...

Thanks girls! You are too kind!

Jenners said...

Don't know what you are talking about with ISO as my husband is the photographer in the family but I like it.

And I agree with the other comment -- there is nothing mediocre about your photos!