Friday, September 12, 2008

Popping my Meme Cherry......

I've been tagged by TXPoppet to (originally as seen on Hotfessional TV) List 5 current addictions according to your 5 senses and then tag 2 people.

Sight - watching my daughter sleep. I put her down at night and I just stand there and watch her sleep. 'Nuff said on that one.

Sound - Kathleen Battle singing Mozart's Allelulia. Brings tears to my eyes every time. And I only listen when the time is exactly correct. Stunning music. Chilling piece of work. Amazing.
That, and the sound of a dry clutch in a Ducati Monster. Nothing like it.

Smell - During the heat of summer, the smell of the sidewalks and streets when it rains for the first time in several days. I will race out of my house or work or wherever I happen to be when I see it starting to rain, and just stand there and sniff. Gently, slightly, sparingly, if you try too hard to catch it it diminishes. Then I stop, and start again. Its simply wonderful and unique.

Touch - I love the feel of my apple green pointy toed pumps by Carlos. I put them on and I feel like the queen of the world. They're tall and sassy and even with 3-1/2 inch heels, suprisingly comfortable. I'd wear them grocery shopping if I could but the insides are starting to fall apart so I'm saving them a bit.

Taste - Lagavullin. Its a Single Malt Scotch from the Islay region. Done just right, its perfect. It has to be room temperature - low to mid-60's or so. Pour in glass with one ice cube, swirl around a bit, and remove the rest of the ice cube. Then sniff, and sip, and sip, and sip, and sip and now I need another one. mmmmm....

One thing I've realized while writing about my addictions. I only want to- by choice or by chance or by circumstances, enjoy them in small bits, but its enough. And leaves me wanting more. Until the next wonderful time. Well, except for the shoes. I have a small shoe problem. Of course I don't really see it as a "problem" but... I really like shoes.

So I'm tagging Mz. Nesbit who loves Memes like no ones business. And makes me laugh with every post.

And aimee greeblemonkey who got me into blogging and is so talented and wonderful and supportive in many many ways.

Thanks Poppet. This was fun. oh, and I should add a photo or two just because this is a photo blog.


Ree said...

Hi monstergirlee! I understand the watching your daughter sleep - I have a 16-year-old and I still love to watch him sleep.

Thanks for participating!

Deedee said...

beautiful girl,you have to guess which one