Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hanging out over the sidewalk

First when I was on maternity leave, then when I was unemployed, I walked like 3 or 4 miles (and sometimes more) almost every day. Mostly around my neighborhood. One of my biggest pet peeves was people who didn't trim the plant matter covering the Sidewalks. Grass, bushes, shrubs, hedges, flowers, vines, anything green. I dreamed of passing out notes saying they were in violation of some municipal code or other and that they had to trim or pay a fine. Dreamed of it I tell ya!
However, now I am a violator. My Rose of Sharon gets a trim in the spring, but by the time it grows out in late summer I'm afraid to trim it because I'll trim all the blossoms off. And so, my Rose of Sharon is impeding progress of those unwary and unsuspecting pedestrians. To you, I apologize. Really. and when its done blooming, I will trim it!


Autumn said...

Beautiful flower! I have one but it is a light purple and not nearly as pretty. When we lived in town I consistently received a code violation letter in the Spring. I had some flowering bushes that I did not want to trim until they were done. Ironic since our scummy next door neighbors had trash all over their yard and never received a letter! One of the reasons we live in the country now!

monstergirlee said...

Speaking of trash - yesterday morning we found a TV in our yard! A TV? Not even a whole tv, just the CRT part. WTF? (too many acronyms? too bad LOL!) Now I have to look up if I can dump it in the regular trash bin or if its some special deal. Why would someone dump a tv in my yard? I'm irritated.
I hope your flowers are growing wild all over your place in the country. :-)