Monday, May 17, 2010

May Greeblepix Contest

May Greeblepix Entry

So I'm a bit disenchanted with flickr right now, I like it for some stuff but I also realize it stops me from posting as often because instead of uploading a photo straight to my blog, I have to upload it to flickr, then edit it, resize it, then post it. Anyway, its not that much work but it slows me down. I think I'll go back to the other way for a while.
However, since this is greeblepix time, I am going for a large photo today.

Anyway, go HERE and check out the rest of the entries, you'll be glad you did.


Kim Hosey said...

Oh, gosh; this is perfect for the theme! Wonderful image.

Jenners said...

Love this!!!

Haddock said...

You have some nice pics in your posts.
As regarding photographs, see my second last post.

Anonymous said...

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