Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stay Tuned - Just In Case You Were Wondering

Our computer was under attack from a virus, and now its toast. As in, dead.
So, Hubby and I have decided to make the leap to a Mac. Yup. We will soon be jumping into the world of Apple AAAHHH!!! I'm a little scared. Not really. But this virus is pretty bad and we're hoping to avoid this in the future.
So, we'll be back online when we can. Hopefully next week some time.
Hope all is well with you. And by the way - I miss you!!!


Mara said...

Welcome to the world of Apple! I love my macbook. Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!

dbwalker said...

Cant wait for new posts! Hurry up dang computer!


Jenners said...

Well, that is a bit of a silver lining in a way. From what I've heard, you're going to love the Mac ... and it is perfect for photographers.