Friday, October 3, 2008

Red Stripes Making Me Cry

WTF is it with me today? Is it the weather? The short days? The rain? I'm not PMSing. I thought maybe I had low blood sugar because sometimes I get that way when I don't eat, but I just finished dinner. And its not the beer because I've only had about half of one this evening. Not sure what it is but today's photo was picked because when I looked at my choices, this one made me well up. I cried watching a man on video do a happy dance today. And this week I've had two rather HUGE pieces of good news. soooo..... Something somewhere is up with me. Anyway, here is another summer photo. mmm... too many Me posts.


Autumn said...

I have those weeks too. Where everything elicits a very emotional response. I love this picture, how you can see her face and her hands are in her pockets.
Thanks for your comment on my blog about Bugs broken finger. Rest assured the daycare got an earful from me about the bookcase.

Una said...

This is another great shot. I, too, like that her hands are in her pockets - she's just strolling along. Dig it.