Monday, August 4, 2008

The Big Project

These shots gives you a pretty good look at how overgrown our backyard was. Those hedges and lilac bushes are like... 20 feet tall! Whoa. I mean, I like lilacs but really, I wanted a backyard the kids could hang out in and play in and bar-b-que and lounge in and I could say "Go outside kid, you're bothering me" (J/k on that one but YOU know what I mean.) And so, in May of 2006 we started our Big Project. Hubby hired a teenageer to take down most of the foliage - tho we did end up having a professional come in and remove the last of those lilacs. Quite beautiful they were, a really nice deep purple. But I can plant more if I want.

Anyway, this is the beginning. Stay tuned for further installments of... The Big Project.
One last note, these are not very good photos, however I did want to share how excited I am every day, to have a wonderful backyard. Stay tuned.

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